Looks like Mamoo in Pakistan knows all about birthdays!

bdayWhat happens when a wish comes Flying all the way from the United Kingdom?  We fulfill it. Our very dear customer Ahmed sent in a worried request online on the website of Mamoo in Pakistan. His gorgeous fiancé had her birthday around the corner and he was absolutely perturbed by the idea of not being present with her on her day. I bet he had sleepless nights until he came across MIP and sent that email, but lucky him! He got to the right place, eventually.


His idea of a special birthday was a dinner at Salt n Pepper around the absolutely pleasing view of the sea and beautifully wrapped gifts and flowers for his wife to be. Not just this, but he had also requested the MIP team to be a part of the grand juncture. The MIP team always looks forward to challenging requests because they help us grow and experience new possibilities. They remind us of the fact that MIP can make anything and everything happen.


The stunning interior and exterior of the village was definitely very pleasing and to top everything, the food made everyone go head over heels. However, this was not the end. The delighted young lady was presented with her very valuable gift in the face of a laptop, and fresh dazzling flowers and while this was happening, MIP arranged a violin player and live-streaming for her husband, so he could feel and enjoy each and every moment of the surprise. The cake was cut while everyone chanted “happy birthday” with laughter, smiles and of course a few over whelmed tears and this is how the wonderful event came to an end.

The preparations may have been troublesome but we never let the client feel for a second what was going on behind the scene, even if it were a scene from the Jurassic park out there. The happy family had nothing but best wishes for us and we hope and pray that they live as happy as they were that night.




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