Roza Kushai Celebration with Mamooinpakistan

Roza is a strong pillar of Islam which is why it is necessary to fast during the sacred month of Ramadan. You must be remembering the time when you fasted for the first time and were anxiously waiting for the day to pass quickly as you were sure of something special being prepared in iftari. Celebrating the first roza of a young believer is still not an old trend in Pakistan because parents want their son or daughter to cherish memories of their first Roza iftar throughout their life, and want them to remember how big an achievement was it.

roza kushai

Parents try organizing the feast with zeal and zest thinking how adorable their child will look to all on his Roza kushai, how blissful they can make this event for him/her? The same way Mamooinpakistan wants the celebration to be grand and great. What changes is that now instead of you going through the hassle of inviting guests, booking a nice comfy place, hiring event managers, deciding on a yummylicious menu, appointing a cool photographer to capture the sparkling child with all his/her  friends and relatives around can be done by “Mamooinpakistan”.

Mamooinpakistan provides you with commendable services. You only have to enjoy the blessed moments with your child as the rest will be done by the exciting and dedicated team of Mamooinpakistan.

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