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Eid al-Adha is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide as a commemoration of Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael for Allah.

Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught Muslims the way of remembering the act of Ibrahim (peace be upon him). He stayed 10 years in Madina and performed sacrifice at Eid-ul-Adha. (Tirmidhi)

With Eidul Azha just around the corner, the advertisements regarding the online purchase of sacrificial animals are now appearing on internet. The idea for purchasing sacrificial animals online is fast gaining popularity due to convenience it offers to the customers who otherwise have to bear the pain of searching, bargaining and then loading the animal.


Once you are logged on to the computer, various advertisements offering sacrificial animals at your doorstep pop up in front of you. Go for Mamooinpakistan.com which is amongst the websites which offers this service, but right now their delivery is only restricted to Karachi. Their promise is to have the animal delivered ‘at your home, at any relative’s location or any charity organization.

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It was very hectic for women to visit the stinking markets and choose the animal, MAMOO has solved the problem of many women who themselves had to visit the market in the absence of their male family members.

Types of MAMOO Service:

There are three ways to place order of sacrificial animals with us.

-Deliver at your home.

-Deliver at your recipient’s home.

-Deliver at any charity organization.

Goat, Bull, Cow will be slaughtered and the meat will be distributed to the needy people. MAMOO will ensure that your charity and donation gets to the right needy people quickly. For foreign customers pictures will be forwarded to your e-mail address.

Qurbani Services offered by MAMOO

Qurbani Services offered by MAMOO

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Issuance of Educational Documents

MAMOO provides the services of attestation and documentation of educational documents.  Just call MamooInPakistan to help resolve your worries in no time.

A customer named Mr. Shamim from Saudi Arabia sent his Matric & Intermediate certificate and transcripts for attestation from the respective boards, along Bachelors and Master Degree. On his request MAMOO also provided him with services of WES (world education service) in a sealed envelope by respective boards. Later on we also shared the courier/dispatch status with the customer for confirmation. The timely delivery of documents before the expected date and efficient customer service inspired him so much so that he requested MAMOO to arrange his sister’s wedding in Karachi. Indeed a delighted customer!

Issuance of Documents

Issuance of Documents

An Innovative Idea Altogether….

Realizing the need of services in the modern age, a customer service company was established to oblige its customers with the delivery of best possible services. A customer living in Europe sent an inquiry for health care services for his mom in Multan, Pakistan. She needed cancer treatment from Shaukat Khanum Hospital for which we managed everything from her tests and treatments to sending the reports to the customer. The idea basically generated from the concept that children living abroad wanted to take care of their parents.

Later on the idea of MamooinPakistan.com (MIP) was conceived in 2006, after a lot of name suggestions such as ManinPakistan, TasksinPakistan, ThingsinPakistan, etc. MamooinPakistan was launched in 2008. Ever since then it has become a destination of choice for Pakistanis and other customers needing a task or service accomplished within Pakistan. We do it with perfection and ease through our strong presence across the Country. “Mamoo in Pakistan” won the most prestigious PASHA Award for IT in Pakistan in 2010 for “Innovation in Services using Information Technology.”

PASHA Award won by MAMOO in Pakistan

PASHA Award won by MAMOO in Pakistan


Together Everyone Achieves More


MAMOO guarantees Customer Satisfaction