Documentation is Key.

Believe it or not, but documentation is key. No matter what you attempt to do, why you attempt to do it, where you attempt to do it, when you attempt to it, how you attempt it, there is always going to be a plethora of absolutely vital documents that you will need in order to proceed (and hopefully, finish).

Even though we all know where these documents invariably end up.

Because admit it. Often-times (and sometimes even more than that), there really was no need for that document in the first place. 

Seriously.  Searching for your one true love? Documents required.

Getting married or divorced? Documents required.

Had a baby? Documentation required.

Getting your child registered in playschool? Documents required.

Want to pursue a fancy-shancy college degree? Documents required.

Want to apply for immigration? Documents required.

Applying for a job? Documents required.

Setting up a business? Documents required.

Have you DIED? Oh well, sorry for your loss, but could you get it documented too, please?

Pretty sure the need of documents continues in the hereafter as well.

Keeping in mind this persistent demand for documents by every official entity in the whole wide world, and also keeping in mind the fraudulent  tendencies (which are very often predominant) in our species, you are bound to come across a number of sources who are eager to help you with your documentation needs.

Before you get sucked into any such scams, try your best to look for the safest, most reliable source to sort out your documentation issues. The safest bet in this regard is family; ask a relative. Unfortunately, however, not all of us are blessed with cooperative families. So our next option is a trusty friend. Some of us are not lucky enough in this regard either, which forces us to search for a third-party to solve our problem.

But beware of con artists, dear all.

This is where MamooInPakisan comes in. Safe, reliable, and entirely trust-worthy, the team at MIP is at your service regarding any manner of assistance regarding your documents. Get them duplicated, issued, or attested, just by logging on to, it’s as easy as that.